Decoding The Cut

When investing in jewelry, we want you to find a beautiful piece that brings you joy each time you look at it. This means something different to each person. On our blog we will provide you will all of the knowledge and tools necessary to choose the perfect ring for you.

When choosing a ring, we like to remember that “we are perfect in our inperfections.” You define what makes a beautiful ring. We encourage you to pick the stone that feels right to you but the 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carats) will tell you what you are paying for. 

The cut is the way the raw stone was cut, sliced, and faceted to increase its ability to reflect light. Cut does not refer to the shape. Some believe that the Brilliant cut diamond has the most sparkle. Rose cut stones resemble the petals of a rose and could be said to be a more romantic, traditional version of the brilliant cut. Baguette and Emerald cuts are referred to as step-cut diamonds. Baguette cut stones are elegant and art deco in feel and work well for smaller stones usually set on a band. The Emerald cut still remains the popular option for larger rectangular sized stones. Also gaining popularity with alternative brides is the Radiant cut which combines the lines of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond. Other cuts include the Princess cut and the Cushion cut for those seeking a more timeless style.