The Alternative Bride

“Available as another possibility.” The phrase ‘alternative bride’ has come to stand for many things; the dress, the party, the location. When I got engaged, I considered myself an alternative bride because I didn’t want a white diamond solitaire engagement ring or a white diamond at all for that matter.

Designing my own black diamond engagement ring ultimately lead me to release my first collection of celebratory rings which featured a selection of black, grey, brown and champagne diamonds. At first I simply liked the look of a black stone, however, when I began to read about the meaning of a black diamond, it took my love of the stone to a whole new level.

The palette of black, brown, champagne and grey showcases strength, confidence, passion, and harmony versus the perfection, purity, and innocence associated with white diamonds. To me, there is an honesty in this collection that doesn’t exist in the traditional engagement ring. The meanings associated with the colored stones represent the characteristics of today’s real woman; the struggles we overcome in love and the spectrum of feelings experienced in an honest relationship.